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    I. Before Sale II. During Sale III. After Sale

    I. Before Sale

    a. Contact with clients nearly to know their requirements exactly.

    b. Express the requirements from the clients to relevant departments in quickness and exactitude.

    II. During Sale

    a. Ensure that the products delivered are certified (confirming to the standards of China and IEC).

    b. Ensure that marks, handle, package, storage and protection are in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards.

    c. Transport the products to specified destination as per the contract.

    III. After Sale

    Our after- sales service is available anytime.

    a. Three guarantees will be carried out on the products delivered (18 months quality guarantee). That is refund, replacement and repair.

    b. Fittings supply shall be in time.

    c. Response for the financial loss brought from the uncertified or services.

    d. Product sample is available.

    e. Product customization is welcome. We have professional team to meet your requirements.