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    The 2021 PTS 7th China International Power Transformer Market and Technology Development Summit Forum


    Background of The Forum

    01.Present Situation

    In power system, power transformer is the basic equipment of power transmission and distribution, and it is also an important primary equipment. There are about 17 million transformers operating on the grid in our country, with a total capacity of 11 billion kVA. Transformer loss accounts for about 40% of the power loss of transmission and distribution. According to the calculation, the annual power loss is about 250 billion kWh, which has great potential for energy saving.

    02.Policy Implementation

    On January 15, 2021, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the general office of the State Administration of market supervision, and the General Department of the National Energy Administration officially released the “Transformer Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (2021-2023)”. Compared with the original standard, the loss index of various types of transformers in the new standard has decreased by about 10-45%, which is superior to the requirements of the relevant standards of the European Union and the United States.

    03. Exploration

    The formulation and implementation of a new round of transformer energy efficiency improvement plan can not only promote the optimization and upgrading of China’s transformer industry chain, accelerate the improvement of transformer energy efficiency, but also reduce the level of transmission and distribution losses, further promote the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the grid, increase the supply of high-efficiency transformer market, and expand  green new kinetic energy.

    Since its implementation on June 1, the entire industry chain of power transformers has paid great attention to this event. As industrial  information integration platforms focusing on global power transformers, 「WangCai New Media] and「Power Transformer Focus 」 also used their own advantages to plan “The 7th China International Power Transformer Market and Technology Development Summit Forum”

    This forum will provide an in-depth interpretation of market policies, raw materials, and energy efficiency improvement technologies, combined with the future direction of the industry. And topics about the digital upgrade of power transformation technology, the development of advanced transformer technologies, and the green manufacturing of power equipment will also be discussed.

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