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SSVT – 145 Mineral oil insulation station service voltage transformers


Mineral Oil Insulation Station Service Voltage Transformers (SSVT)

Station service voltage transformer (SSVT) is the voltage transformer and power transformer combined product, it can provide a power for the customers and for the voltage measuring and protection for the power systems.

Rated voltage: 40.5kV~550 kV

Maximum output: 500 kVA

The highest measuring class: 0.2 (IEC standard) or 0.15 (IEEE standard)

Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Partial discharge: <5pC

The bushing is made by porcelain

With taps changer or without taps changer according to you requirement

To avoid leakage, the enclosure complete is by steel welded

Safe service with a pressure relief device

Insulation material is mineral oil, low dielectric dissipation and low temperature-rise

Do not need any special maintenance

Standards: IEC 60076-1,IEC 60076-15,IEEE C57.12.00,IEC 61869-1,IEC 61869-3, IEEE C57.12, IEEE C57.13