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    Capacitor Voltage Transformers


    Capacitor voltage transformer with carrier accessories. It’s also known as coupling capacitor voltage transformer, short name CVT.

    It’s shall be suitable for measurement control and relay protection in the outdoor AC power system of nominal voltage 161 kV, BIL750kV.

    It’s used for the power line carrier coupling with carrier frequency 50kHz-500 kHz PLC system.

    The capacitor voltage divider is mainly composed of porcelain sleeve.

    It with flange, bottom sealing plate, capacitor core, upper sealing plate and bellows expander with PXE oil.

    The electromagnetic unit is mainly composed of cast aluminum case, intermediate transformer, series reactor, anti-resonance device and overvoltage protector, inner part is filled with transformer oil.

    All parts of the equipment are sealed up limitedly, oil leakage was effectively prevented.

    The product adopts small design, light weight and novel structure. The product has good insulation performance, can restrain the ferromagnetic resonance phenomenon and run stably.

    Other devices such as drain rings, spark gap and carrier grounding switches are provided only when the CVT is used as a coupling capacitor for line carrier.